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P L A Y E R   F I L E
20 Steve Woodberry
Position: Guard
Born: 09/10/71
Height: 192cm
Weight: 90kg
Nickname: None


Steve Woodberry came to Australia almost straight out of College. Woodberry had a successful College career where he played Point Guard, Shooting Guard, and Small Foward. He had a great 1995 season as a Roller's import. In his 16 games he averaged 24.5ppg 7.4 apg and 7.6rpg. Nobody in the N.B.L had stats like that since Robert Rose's M.V.P season for the Magic in 1993. It's safe to say similar honours were to come for Woodberry until a training accident put Woodberry out for the season. He went back to Kansas for intensive training and recovery, and came back to Australia the following year to play with the Brisbane Bullets. The Bullets had recently released guard Shane Heal and fired coach Bruce Palmer. But Woodberry came in and had a great season for the Bullets leading them in scoring and a host of other catagorys and went on to win the Bullets M.V.P award. However he was snubbed at the N.B.L awards night and came away with nothing. Woodberry was ready to go back and have a crack at the N.B.A but while on the road with his C.B.A team, he decided to come back and resign with the Bullets. Another stand out season followed, and although left out of the All Star team by Sydney Kings coach Alan Black, gained the respect of people around the league and led the Bullets into the play offs. Although the Bullets were knocked out in the first round, Woodberry did enough to get resigned by the Bullets for two more seasons.

All Star selection 1995
All NBL second team selction 1996
All NBL third team 1997

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