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P L A Y E R   F I L E
8 Stephen Whitehead
Position: Guard
Born: 05/06/73
Height: 197cm
Weight: 86kg
Nickname: None


Whitehead played seven seasons in the shawdow of league M.V.P Andrew Gaze. Although his opportunities were limited he still played an important role in helping the Melbourne Tigers win the 1993 NBL Championship. He averaged 9.9ppg, 1.8apg and 3.3rpg in his seven seasons with the Melbourne Tigers. Those numbers are certainly very respectable but they were not a true indication of Whiteheads scoring ability. So Whitehead headed of to Sydney, it looked as if he would start but a foot injury in the pre season halted his progress with the Kings and made a starting spot look very ambitious, he was averaging 0.8ppg while shooting 10%. But after a slow start Whitehead improved his play and was rewarded with a starting spot. He averaged 13ppg and 4rpg as a starter for the Kings and playing along side Melvin Thomas in the front court help lead the Kings into the play offs. Whitehead had a shocker of a season from the line in 1995 with the Tigers but in his first season with the Kings he stepped up to lead the Kings in free throw percentage. This was due to Whiteheads willingness to work on his game and this sort of attitude saw him have a steady season in 1997 and under new coach Bill Tomlinson Whitehead will look to establish himself as the teams starting Small Foward.


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