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P L A Y E R   F I L E
21 Andrew Vlahov
Position: Foward
Born: 01/04/69
Height: 200cm
Weight: 103kg
Nickname: None


Andrew Vlahov is the leagues toughest and strongest player. At only 200cm he competes every game with 205-213cm players. Vlahov gained this strength and determination back in College at Stanford (1hour drive south of San Fransisco). He and now Wildcat Guard Todd Lichti, both played at Stanford and lived in the gym. Both are amongst the strongest the players in the NBL at their position and both play winning basketball. Vlahov has won three championships in Perth including the 1995 finals series against the Giants where Vlahov won Finals M.V.P honours. Vlahov has always had a decent outside shot but he suprised everybody at the 1997 Alll Star weeekend where he was runner up to Brisbane Bullets Foward Leroy Loggins in the three point shootout. Vlahov at his best can average 20ppg and 10rpg and in 1992 he had his best season averaging 22.7ppg and 10.1rpg. vlahov is the Wildcats team captain and will look to lead the Wildcats to another championship in 1998. He will also be looking to regain his personal form that saw him win Rookie of the year in 1990.

Was a member of the 1990 Championship Team
Was a member of the 1991 Championship Team
Was a member of the 1995 Championship Team
Won the 1990 Rookie Of The Year Award
Was a member of the 1995 Finals M.V.P award
3 All NBL team selections

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