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P L A Y E R   F I L E
40 Marcus Timmons
Position: Foward
Born: N/A
Height: 201cm
Weight: N/A
Nickname: None


Marcus Timmons came to Australia to play with the struggling Illawarra Hawks, on a team of lesser likes Timmons was a stand out. He had a great season just missing out on the rebounding title and scoring 20+ a game. He also came up with a handfull of 'dunk of the year' candidates. He is an atheletic Foward who can run the floor get to the rim and finish as high as anyone in the league. His talents perhaps weren't utilised in Illawarra. Coach Brendan Joyce wanted Timmons to be the teams 5 man, when Marcus is far more effective plainhg the 3/4 where he can get out and run the lanes. Timmons is perfectly suited the Tigers, but neither parties recognised it at first. The Tigers started the season with Jarvis Lang. Jarvis was a good player who had a good future with the Tigers until injury forced the team to release him. North Melbourne Giants Coach and good friend of Andrew Gaze, Brett Brown noticed Timmons working out in an Illawarra gym. He called Lindsay Gaze and the rest is history. Timmons hardly lost a game in a Tigers uniform. He immediatly sparked a long winning streak that didn't end until game 2 of the NBL Finals series. He gave the Tigers another finisher and good shooter. However his best contribution to the Tigers was his interior passing and rebounding. He also plays exceptional defence and that showed in the Finals when he seriously limited Tony 'Bear' Ronaldson's output. Timmons recently signed a three year contract with the Tigers which will ensure the teams success for a few more years yet.

Was a member of the 1997 Championship team

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