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P L A Y E R   F I L E
25 David Simmons
Position: Foward
Born: 13/04/63
Height: 205cm
Weight: 112kg
Nickname: Chubby


David Simmons is a eight year National Basketball League veteran and is one of the Falcons oldest heads, he is a championship winner and has had a lot of Play Off experience. Simmons played for the Melbourne Tigers for seven seasons, he was the ultimate team man, he adjusted his play to suit his role every season. However at the end of the 1996 season the Tigers wanted more offence than what Simmons could give the team. The Tigers went looking for another import and Simmons went looking for another job. At his age no many teams wanted Simmons but the Falcons were only too happy to give Simmons a second chance and Simmons was a good choice for the team. He provided the already talented Falcons with rebounding, defence and a healthy scoring average. Simmons has been in one All Star game and one championship and he says his biggest disappointment was losing to the South East Melbourne Magic in the 1996 NBL Grand Final series.

ACHIEVMENTS Was selected to the All Star team in 1990
Was a member of the 1993 Tigers Championship Team

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