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P L A Y E R   F I L E
31 John Rillie
Position: Guard
Born: 04/11/71
Height: 195cm
Weight: 84kg
Nickname: J.R


John Rillie was a great talent yet an unknown talent coming out of Gonzaga, he played in the NCAA's Division 1 and was broyght back by then Bullets coach Bruce Palmer. Palmer was the only NBL coach intrested in Rillie and Rillie repayed this intrest by signing with the Brisbane Bullets and having an outstanding rookie season. He averaged 13.2ppg and 42% from the three point line backing up Boomers guard Shane Heal. Rillie won the NBL's 1995 rookie of the year award beating out impressive shot blocker Simon Dwight. Palmer saw big things in Rillie and he had plans to move him to the point guard spot and then push Heal into the off guard role. However the Bullets organisation didn't want Rillie at the point and Palmer and the Bullets had a fall out and eventually parted company. heal also sought a release as he went to play in Sydney. David ingham took over and immediatly went after Rillie. However Palmer was the one who had brought Rillie back to Australia and Rillie was not keen to play for an organisation that fired palmer. So then Rillie took offers from many NBL clubs but he eventually chode the Adelaide 36ers. Then Sixers coach Mike Dunlap saw Rillie as a superstar in the NBL and he offered him the starting off guard spot alongside brett Maher. That was enough to convince Rillie to commit to the sixers. Rillie stepped in and did a great job for Adelaide and helped take them into the Semi Finals where they were swept by the 1996 NBl champions the South East Melbourne Magic. Rillie backed up that season with another impressive season and he was rewarded with a spot on the Boonmers team that played the touring Croatian National team that played in 1997. Under new coach (now fired) Dave Claxton Rillie got a chance at the point, he was not suited tio this role and his scoring suffered and so did the team. They missed the play offs in 1997 and Coach Claxton was fired as a result. Despite the dissapointing season Rillie was involved in one of the best games in NBL history. With just over four seconds left and the Brisbane Bullets ahead by one point, Rillie stole the Bullets inbounds pass, and shot a turn around fade away from the corner to give the sixers the lead. And although the Bullets won the game this play signified Rillies ability to succedd under pressure and play in the clutch.

ACHIEVMENTS   Won the 1995 NBL rookie of the year award

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