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P L A Y E R   F I L E
53 Paul Rees
Position: Center
Born: 06/01/69
Height: 205cm
Weight: 111kg
Nickname: None


Paul Rees is one of Austrlia's most solid big men. Not as quick or skillfull as many of the youngsters coming up now but still a solid tough centre. He gained this reputation with the North Melbourne Giants where he won a championship in 1994. He also won the 1994 Finals series M.V.P. Rees was never a huge offensive contributer for the Ginats but he always shot a very high field goal percentage. Phil Smyth beleives that Paul Rees is just what the team needs. He can come in in spurts, be a defensive stopper, and as he has in the past, frustrate players like Mark Bradtke and John Dorge. In 1994 and 1995 Rees upped his scoring average to 11.9ppg and 15.7ppg respectively. He had another good season in 1996 and although his scoring was down he still was one of the Giants best players. In 1997 rees suffered a severe knee injury that looked to have him out for the entire season. He worked hard and did make his return towards the end of the regular season. But against the Bullets in the second last round of the season Rees broke his wrist. Yet this still did not put him out for long. He returned in the play offs but the Giants were still no match for the extremely talented Melbourne Tigers. He left North melbourne at the end of last season in unusual circumstances, it was part of a deal that involved the Adelaide 36ers ceasing talks with former Newcastle and now North Melbourne centre Ben Pepper.

ACHIEVMENTS   Won the 1994 Finals series M.V.P award

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