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P L A Y E R   F I L E
34 Matt Nover
Position: Foward
Born: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Nickname: None


Matt Nover is a big man from the famed school Indiana University. He first became famous staring alongside Shaquille Oneal and Anfernee Hardaway in the hollywood film Blue Chips. He starred as a small town basketball star who went to play for a big school. The same sort of thing happened to Nover as he came from a small town to play for Bobby Knight at IU. Nover got limited opportunities however and his stats were very modest for a player of Nover's capabilities. He will however be a big part of the Sydney Kings line up in the 1998 season. He is a skilled center capable of playing at the four spot. He can shoot the three and can play with his back to the basket. He will share minutes at 4/5 with vetran and team captain Bruce Bolden and youngster Matt Nielson.


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