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P L A Y E R   F I L E
20 Todd Lichti
Position: Guard/Foward
Born: 08/01/67
Height: 193cm
Weight: 99kg
Nickname: None


Todd Lichti is one of the most credentialed players to ever come to Australia. He had a lenghty NBA career where he played for the Denver Nuggets and the Orlando Magic. His career and profile could have been even better had it not been for his constant injury's or his draft day bad luck. The Orlando Magic had planned to take Todd with the forth pick of the draft and they let him know that, but Nick Anderson (still with the Magic) was still available at four, the Magic had not expected Anderson to be around so they took him. Lichti slid down the order and was eventually drafted by Denver. He has had many injury's and personal tragedy's but he still worked hard and didn't give up and he ended up having a productive NBA career. He had a bad injury towards the end of his time with the Nuggets and never fully recovered from it. After the NBA Lichti quit basketball and took a desk job, putting on weight and living a normal life, he was getting regullar phone calls from good freind Andrew Vlahov, who kept hassling Lichti to come to Australia to play for the Wildcats, eventually the nagging got to him and he came over when Scott Fisher's citicenship was officially approved (3year wait). Lichti impressed with his uncanny ability to make incredible shots with both hands and his physical shape. Lichti was overweight and unfit just months before, now he was in good shape and ready to play for the Wildcats. He had a good season and was asked back for another the following season. He again had a good season in 1997 and will be back as a Wildcats import in 1998.


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