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P L A Y E R   F I L E
15 Ricky Grace
Position: Guard
Born: 20/08/66
Height: 185cm
Weight: 79kg
Nickname: The Amazing One


Ricky Grace is known as 'The Amazing One' and if you have seen him play you will understand why he is called that. He has won three championships and scored 20ppg and 8apg over his seven seasons in the NBL. He is reguarded by many as the best Wildcat ever and some even say he is the best point guard ever in the NBL. As point Guards go only Darryl Mcdonald averges more assists and steals. He is a classy play maker who thinks pass first, he gets his team mates involved and makes them better players. He is a true point guard and cab score on any other point guard in the league. He came to Australia to play for the Wildcats in 1990 and has had success in every year since. He has led the Wildcats into the Play Offs in every season since he entered the league. He plays the most minutes out of all Wildcats and it is obvios that they need him on the floor. He shoots a very high percentage for a point guard (over 50%) he also ahoots over 40% from the three point line in his career. His free throw percentage is over 80%. He is always in the top 10 in steals and over his seven year career has averaged almost 2spg. He will be back with the Wildcats in 1998.

Won the 1988 NBL M.V.P award
Has won three NBL Championships
Played 10 days for the Atlanta Hawks

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