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P L A Y E R   F I L E
6 Warrick Giddey
Position: Foward
Born: 16/12/67
Height: 196cm
Weight: 98kg
Nickname: Wazza


Warrick Giddey is a rarity in basketball today, a player who shoots as a last resort. The ultimate team player Giddey actuaaly averages more rebounds than points. He is the Melbourne Tigers best defender and toughest hustler, Giddey is an important player for the Tigers. The Tigers have all the offence they need, and sometimes too much to get everyone shots, so Giddey's pass first shoot last mentality suits the Tigers just fine. He is a fan favourite for the intelligent basketball crowd that the Tigers enjoy. They forgive his low scoring and applaud his hustle and hard work. Giddey is never far from the action, often diving on loose balls or jumping out of bounds to save the Tigers a posesstion. However Giddey is still a competent player and good passer. He often comes up with an interior pass to Mark Bradtke or Marcus Timmons for the easy basket. Giddey will be back with the Tigers in 1998.


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