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P L A Y E R   F I L E
10 Andrew Gaze
Position: Guard
Born: 24/07/65
Height: 201cm
Weight: 95kg
Nickname: Drewy, The Factor


What can you say about Andrew Gaze? Everything has been said. But one thing is for sure, he is the greatest player to ever step foot on Australian soil. 6 M.V.P awards, 10 scoring titles, 12 straight All Star Five selections, 4 olympic Games, 4 World Championships, 2 NBL Championships, 3 NBL Finals Appearances and a host of most efficent player awards are testements to his success and greatness. He has averaged as much as 36 points a game in a single season and his overall career average is well over 30ppg. He had achieved every single individual goal possible before 1993, but a championship allueded him. However since he has one two Championships while still succeeding individually. His coach, friend and father, Lindsay Gaze has been with Andrew since the start of his career, Gaze has never played for any other coach in the NBL. Internationally he has played for sevral coaches but Lindsay has been his major influence. Andrew grew up next to the Albert Park Basketball Stadium, and ever since he was a small child he has played basketball. He excelled at a very young age, and there had been accusations of nepetism from jealous peer's from a young age. And even when Andrew Gaze reached the NBL level These accusations are laughed at nowadays along with the people who made them. Gaze is a chgampion in the true sense of the word. He is a great player, a great team man, a good person and the best Australian Basketball player ever.

3 NBL Championships
Has played in 4 Olympic Games
Has played in 4 World Championships
Has won 6 M.V.P awards
Has won 10 scoring titles
Has been selected to 12 straight All NBL teams
Most Effecient Player 8 times

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