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P L A Y E R   F I L E
7 James Crawford
Position: Foward/Centre
Born: 13/04/60
Height: 203cm
Weight: 97kg
Nickname: Alabama Slammer, J.C


James Crawford has played the most games in NBL history and he has the accomplishments to prove it. In his 16 years in the NBL Crawford has won three championships with the Perth Wildcats, has been selected to the All NBL First Team four times, in the third highest points scorer in NBL history, the second highest rebounder all time, and he has numerous records for the Wildcats. He turned down an offer last season to play for the Suns to stay with his Wildcats as he hopes to retire and finish his career in Perth. He played for Geelong and Canberra in his early days and gained the reputation as a leaper and a shot blocker back then, but when he came to Perth he established himself as a scorer who really fitted into the Wildcats system. He has been one of the main reasons for the Wildcats success, and he always has to play above his height (203cm). He often plays centre for the Wildcats and has to guard such young big men as Ben Pepper, Brett Wheeler and Chris Anstey but he always gets it done and will do again in 1998 for the Wildcats. His court time might change due to the coaching change. But he will still get time at the four spot given that the Wildcats will most likely sign an import centre.

Has played in 16 NBL seasons
Has won three Championships
Has been selected to the All NBL Team four times
Is the All Time Leader in Games Played
3rd highest All Time Points Scorer
2nd Highest Rebounder All Time
1st All Time Shot Blocker
6th in Steals All Time
Leads the Wildcats in Points Scored All Time
Leads the Wildcats in Reboundind All Time

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