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P L A Y E R   F I L E
00 Chris Blakemore
Position: Foward
Born: 17/05/74
Height: 196cm
Weight: 103kg
Nickname: None


Chris Blakemore started his proffesional career with the Adelaide 36er's and quickly made an impact winning the 1992 N.B.L rookie of the year award. He then had a fairly quiet season with his scoring average dropping to 5.6ppg but he soon hit back with a break out year in 1994 winning the 1994 Most Improved Player Award and raising his output to 13.6ppg and 6.2rpg. That year he also added a three point shot to his arsenal. But his numbers dropped again in 1995 and it all culminated in an ugly scene during a Wildcats vs Sixers game. Blakemore elbowed Perth, now Adelaide, Foward Martin Cattalini. Blakemore elbowed Cattalini in the nose and that resulted in a suspension that carried over to the Play Offs and it really hurt Adelaide's chances. Mike Dunlap gave up on Blakemore, but he was again given a second chance by Cannons coach Brett Flanigan and he played two seasons in Canberra. Although not very successful Blakemore showed some signs of form towards the end of the 1997 season. Blakemore will be looking to relaunch his career with the Bullets and Brian Kerle will give him an opportunity to do that.

Won the 1992 N.B.L Rookie of The Year award
Voted the N.B.L's most improved player in 1994

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